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UFOs and Aliens

Unidentifed Flying Objects. Extraterrestrials. Flying Saucers. Government Cover-Ups. What's fact and what's fiction? You decide.

Ghosts and Apparitions

You might need to call more than just the "Ghostbusters" if you experience this type of encounter. From haunted houses to unsettled graves, your next chill might be closer than you think.


A psuedoscience involving the search for animals whose existence is rumored but not proven. Before you scoff at the likes of Bigfoot or the Chupacabra, you might want to take a look behind you.



  • Name: George Dudding
  • Interests: UFOs and aliens, ghosts and apparitions, cryptids and cryptozoology, strange and paranormal activity
  • Education:
    B.A. in Mathematics/Physics - Glenville State College (Glenville, WV)
    M.A. in Mathematics/Physics - West Virginia University (Morgantown, WV)
  • Short Bio: The author, George Dudding, was born in Mason County, West Virginia in 1950 and lived there until 1969. He holds a BA degree from Glenville State College and a MA degree from West Virginia University both specializing in Physics and Mathematics. He currently resides in Spencer, West Virginia at Duddington Manor and taught Mathematics for 36 years in Roane County Schools. George Dudding is the author of a series of books involving an array of topics such as UFO's, monsters, strange occurrences, and the paranormal.



The Homepage of Author, George Dudding